Marshall Mathers Checks Into Popsomp Hills

Posted on: April 30, 2009

With Eminems relapse coming soon he has decided to promote his album in a veeerry different way. He has created a virtual Rehab center called Popsomp Hills (Pop some pills?). The “Rehabilitation Center” is complete with a website and has even made a phone number 313-486-5975 both look and feel completely functional. The phone number does work (believe me i’ve called it) it has a directory and has listings of patients one of whom is marshall mathers.Marshall Checks into popsomp hills

It’s also being speculated that the next single for the album is going to be called Popsomp Hills. The Doctor of the center is named Dr.Balzac. Here is a  some of the funny ish thats on the site

Thank you for caring. Unfortunately, it will never be enough to save you.
•We are not fair people.  We make mistakes under the influence just like you did in order to get you here.
•Life is too short, party harder than ever.  We can help.

I think this is a great idea and am excited to see what else he does before his album drops.  To listen to what a call sounds like to the center go to


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